Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the CTC?

Our email address is the word "myneeds" at the domain of this website (the-ctc.org).

Where can I find technical help for my ministry?

The CTC is happy to assist your ministry in areas of our technical expertise. Please send your request for assistance to an email address formed by the word "myneeds" at the domain of this website (the-ctc.org).

Why doesn't the CTC sell the products it develops?

In general, the CTC develops new products for a sponsoring ministry. The developed product becomes the property of that ministry. The CTC produces the developed product for the sponsoring ministry and manages all of the issues related to production, shipping, and engineering changes.

Who is the CTC?

The CTC is a group of engineers and businessmen who volunteer their time and skills to develop and manufacture products for workers in God's Kingdom.

What does the CTC charge for it's services?

Our charges are limited to out of pocket costs for product development. Manufactured products are typically priced at manufacturing cost + shipping & handling.

When did the CTC start?

The CTC began in November of 2003.



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