Our Products

The CTC has been blessed to be involved in the development and manufacturing of the following products.

Sonset Radio

A portable fixed tune solar powered FM radio.

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The Proclaimer

A battery powered audio Bible with solar and hand crank generator recharge

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Bible Stick

A small, handheld, battery powered digital audio player.

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RAN stands for Restricted Access Nation. These digital photo frames will play a complete movie from a small memory card. This video package is an excellent ministry tool where discretion might be necessary. 

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Saber Hand Wind Digital Player

The Saber is a solid-state digital player with hand wind power It has an amplifier, speaker and sound box, so it can play at significant volume with good quality. This makes it ideal for use in groups. It handles speech and music equally well

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Vista SP

An "all in one" product consisting of video projector, DVD player, PA system,all powered from one battery.

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