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We consider the Proclaimer** to be a gift from God. Why? Because the inspiration for it came during three days of fasting and prayer by the entire staff of Faith Comes By Hearing. So what is the Proclaimer?

bullet It is a digital player dedicated to play the Bible in the local heart language.
bullet The Scriptures are programmed on a microchip already installed and will not erase or wear out from frequent playing.
bullet The battery will play 15 hours and can be recharged enough times to play the entire New Testament over 600 times.
bullet The Proclaimer has a built in generator and solar charger to charge the battery.
bullet The solar charger, in addition to charging the battery, will run the Proclaimer even without battery power as long as there is sunlight. In other words, as long as there is a sun in the sky the Proclaimer will play the Son’s Words.
bullet The sound is digital quality and loud enough to be heard clearly by groups of 300.
bullet Quoting a well-known TV personality: “The Proclaimer is self powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or … even on the moon!”
The Proclaimer was developed primarily as a playback device for the poor and illiterate who may not have any other source to hear God's Word. FCBH's goal is to use the Proclaimer in the majority of FCBH programs worldwide in 2006 and 100% thereafter.

** Patent Pending by Hosanna, Faith Comes By Hearing

Courtesy of Faith Comes By Hearing (www.fcbh.org)


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